About Render

White October Events was born out of the passion of a small group of web developers in Oxford who wanted to create something amazing for their community.

We curate and deliver exciting, content-focussed conferences for web developers – The Lead Developer, All Your Base, AngularConnect and, until recently, jQuery UK (find out why we’re moving on).

Render is the brand new successor to jQuery UK, which has been the largest front-end conference in the UK for the last few years.

We’re carrying over the things people loved about jQuery UK to Render, but we’re also making a few changes in response to feedback from our attendees.

What will stay the same?

  • The biggest names from the front-end developer community
  • Technical content that will inspire you to do more in the browser and beyond
  • A friendly, engaged crowd
  • An inclusive party and a quiz
  • A diverse programme of talks and speakers

What will be different?

  • Two days instead of one
  • A single track, so no one misses a talk
  • Four slots selected via a new call for papers

In homage to our jQuery legacy, look out for Jack Franklin’s great talk ‘How jQuery has influenced The Web: Now and Beyond’.

We hope to see you there!


If you’d like to get involved in supporting Render, please request a sponsor pack. We’d love to work with you!