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Hired is a career marketplace for the world’s knowledge workers. Starting with in-demand tech and sales roles, we’re bringing together job seekers with the companies who want to hire them. Users on the Hired platform receive objective guidance throughout the interview process from a dedicated Talent Advocate, as well as the ability to compare new opportunities side by side so they can make their next career move with confidence. Employers get access to a hand-picked pool of candidates who are interested in new roles, as well as unmatched transparency into competing offers so they can recruit and hire with insight. The end result is an efficient, effective and enjoyable experience that’s far faster than traditional methods. Hired is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in more than a dozen cities in North America and Europe and plans to expand to a variety of industries and job categories.

Revolutionise Retail at Sainsbury’s.

Change the world at Sainsbury’s. Write the next generation of beautiful code to solve the most complex of puzzles and problems. Create innovations that inspire and excite. Set your sights high but prepare to never be satisfied – there is always better and you’ll do all you can to repeatedly achieve it.

Join the team are forever advancing the way that our customers interact with our business, developing products and services that will transform the retail industry. Achieve our vision to revolutionise in-house development. Come talk to us today.

Heroku, a salesforce.com company and industry pioneer in platform as a service, has enabled developers to build and run more than four million applications - all entirely in the cloud, without the need to purchase or maintain any servers or software. With support for the most popular languages, an enterprise-class database service, and an add-ons ecosystem featuring over 150 cloud application services, Heroku provides companies from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises with a faster and more effective way to create, deploy and manage apps.

Create interactive, realtime apps in minutes with your technology stack of choice by using Pusher’s hosted API. Pusher is perfect for real-time notifications, activity streams, data visualizations, collaborative apps and much more. It’s secure, it scales from one to millions of connections instantly and you won’t need to set up or maintain your own real-time infrastructure.

At StrongLoop we don’t just build products for Node, we help create it. StrongLoop was founded in 2013 by Node core committers Bert Belder and Ben Noordhuis and was acquired by IBM in September, 2015. We now maintain over 130 npm modules and sponsor the popular LoopBack and Express open source frameworks. Node is built for getting projects done quickly, and to leverage the broad knowledge of JavaScript to scale to the massive concurrency needed for mobile, IoT, and next-generation web APIs. StrongLoop has all the tools you need to develop APIs throughout their entire lifecycle - from design and development through to build, deployment, and scaling. Learn more about how StrongLoop can accelerate your project on StrongLoop.com!