Advanced JavaScript

20 April • 9:00 – 17:00 • Saïd Business School

It’s time to get your team’s Javascript up to date. JS – already the language of the browser and big news on the server-side with NodeJS – is getting a huge upgrade with ES6. This makes 2016 the perfect time to take a deep dive into modern JS, whether your team is already writing JS or is considering its adoption.

The class will give your team a strong core understanding of the JS language and execution model, before developing advanced skills. Driven by exercises, it delivers the knowledge required for developers to make effective use of JS on the back- or front-end.


  • Deep dive into core Javascript: scope, closures, functions
  • Data structures: Arrays, maps and sets
  • ES5/ES6 and JS
  • The bad parts and gotchas
  • Module systems: CommonJS, ES6/SystemJS
  • OOP in JS
  • Functional Programming in JS
  • Combining OOP and FP
  • Asynchronous code, call-stacks and the event loop
  • Handling async: promises and generators
  • Test driven development in Javascript: harnessing the power of dynamism, faking with mocks and stubs
  • Integration testing
  • Build tools: gulp, grunt, transpiling with Babel and Traceur
  • Developer tools – the power of Chrome console, CPU profiling, performance testing etc
  • Quality tooling: ESLint, JSCS
  • Lodash/underscore: JS swiss-army knife

Bring your laptop as this will be very hands-on!


Programming at professional level in any imperative language (e.g Ruby, Python, PHP etc).

Tim Ruffles

Tim Ruffles

Founder of SidekickJS

About Tim Ruffles

Tim is the London-based founder of SidekickJS – JS code quality tracker. He maintains the Javascript Garden, and organises FunctionalJS London. Most of his code is in JS, but he’s sorely tempted by Clojure. Tim speaks at conferences and teaches.

Tim Ruffles

Tim Ruffles

Founder of SidekickJS

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